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 Individuals’ lives are multistoried in that they are influenced by beliefs, values, and shared experiences. When an individual’s story is influenced by the effects of grief or trauma it can seem almost impossible to be able to heal from its pain. As a Narrative therapist, I specialize in helping individuals explore the effects of grief and/or trauma that can cause deep wounds in one’s life story. I remind my clients that we will work towards a complete healing of these wounds rather than focusing on them disappearing. 

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Grief can occur as a response to a loss of a loved one, a relationship, a sense of community, and even loss of an anticipated accomplishment or endeavor. Many times you may feel as though you must “move-on” after experiencing a loss. I believe that individuals’ lives are multistoried and work with clients to help them explore their own unique strengths and abilities to cope rather than quickly “moving-on”. As I work together with clients to develop a richer, thicker story in which strengths, goals, and unique accomplishments are visible, clients experience a greater sense of healing.

Trauma, much like grief, can be experienced through the loss of something dear but specifically in that it appear as a response to distressing and disturbing experiences. Trauma is often but not always present when an individual may have experienced abuse, neglect, abandonment, traumatic loss of a loved one, or even been victim to a crime. Some individuals and families may not have experienced the trauma first-hand but can still be effected through association.

Many clients are unaware of what is considered natural reactions to trauma and sometimes begin to feel that there must be “something wrong with them”. Through working together, I can help you reshape the influences of trauma in your life so that not only can you develop strengths and tools from the experience, but also be able to create a new chapter in your life in which the trauma has less influence.

Each individual’s story is layered with experiences, beliefs and values that give meaning to the individual. It is possible to find a deeper meaning and hope even after being influenced by grief and/or trauma. If you feel that you’ve been stuck in the grasp of such experiences and are looking for a way to reclaim your life, you are in the right place.

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