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Desi Cultural Therapy in Dallas Identify

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
Albert Einstein

 Do you feel stuck in your life’s story with no hope of a better future? Are you hoping to find someone within the Desi community who understands where you come from because of your cultural values, beliefs and traditions?

Culture plays a very important role in influencing individuals’ stories and how they perceive their own life in relation to others. I have found that being raised here in America, between the Desi heritage and American culture has had both its benefits and conflicts. At times it can seem difficult to balance a story with both American culture and Desi upbringing because of conflicting beliefs, shared values, and family influences. 

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My passion and expertise is providing therapeutic services specifically to those in the Desi Community. I have found that individuals in the Desi community have strongly benefited from counseling services when it came to issues dealing with marriage, parent-child-relationship, pre/post baby trauma, depression, anxiety, and new family dynamics.

Individuals in the Desi community sometimes feel as though societal pressures or cultural expectations can limit their life story. My experience in working with the Desi population has allowed me the opportunity to not only better understand different families and upbringings but also help these families regain their life from problems that once seemed to never go away. You can trust that our sessions will be entirely confidential and that matters discussed are free of any judgments. Services can provided in English, Hindi, and Gujarati, helping you feel as comfortable as possible while still remaining professional and confidential.

I believe that individuals in our Desi community have the skills and tools necessary to find the right balance between traditions and modernization. Each individual’s life is multistoried in that it is influenced by family of origin, cultural expectations, unique upbringings, and even conflicting personal/traditional beliefs.

If you are ready to reclaim your life from problems and begin writing the next chapter of your life, contact me at 214-663-4904 or, or use the form below.

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