Randi Hennigan, Ph.D, LPC, LMFT

Couples Therapy in Dallas

Seek Passion.

A family of three in DallasIt is difficult for any of us to feel distant or disconnected from our partner. Couples, both satisfied and unsatisfied, desire romance, communication, connectedness, and intimacy. Many couples begin counseling because they feel “off” – off the same page, off the same team, off track, and off of “who they used to be” as a person or a couple. 
Couples coming to counseling may feel the relationship has failed them in some way and want to find out how to regain strength, balance, or hope in areas they feel their relationship is lacking or painful: communication, intimacy, understanding, conflict resolution, connection, and more. You may be coming to counseling as a “last resort” to discuss these issues or you may be coming in proactively at the start of these concerns. Either way, the important thing is that you are here, seeking change! 
Couples counseling in Dallas
Your relationship does not have to feel exhausting nor be perfect. I want to help you and your partner return to the relationship you each want as well as regain your ability to laugh together, reconnect, and feel good about your relationship as well as about yourself within that relationship. We will work together in our Dallas, TX, location and develop ways to improve your bond and rediscover your partner. I want you to return to an “us” as quickly as possible and find enjoyment, purpose, passion, and fun in your relationship again or maybe even for the first time! I offer therapy session for couples of all types and stages: pre-marital, married, re-married, same-sex, cohabitating, co-parenting, separating, and everything in between!
Areas of specialty: 
  • Couples communication and conflict resolution 
  • Improving sex and intimacy 
  • Preparing for marriage/pre-marital preparation 
  • Relationship ambivalence 
  • A healthy divorce 
  • Healing from infidelity    

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