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Couples & Relationship Counseling in Dallas

If music be the food of love, play on.
William Shakespeare

Counseling for Couples at any stage.

If you have asked the questions:

  • Are we happy in this relationship?
  • Is my spouse the right person for me?
  • How come we don’t talk anymore?
  • Does my partner still love me?
  • Are we ready and/or going to get married?
  • Why am I no longer feeling respected?
  • Why do I feel disconnected?
  • Why can’t we ever agree on anything?
  • Can I ever forgive my partner for cheating?
  • Do we need to get a divorce?
  • Why am I still in this relationship?
  • Will the issues in my relationship ever go away?

…or anything similar, you’ve come to the right place. If you feel that your marriage or relationship has become controlled by issues and problems there is still hope to restore what once was and build a more hopeful, preferred relationship. I will work with you to help achieve a more connected, understanding and loving relationship with your partner.

Marriage Counseling in Dallas 


How Couples Counseling Can Help:

Individuals, couples and families commonly come to counseling when there seems to be “no other choice”. Many attempts and efforts are made to resolve the issues at hand but hopelessness and helplessness take over at times. Counseling helps by restoring the hopes, strengths and securities for couples and families to be able to work together and get back on the same page. In my experience, I have seen many couples overcome issues that have entirely taken over multiple aspects of their life. Couples learn to communicate efficiently, in a way that is healthy and good for their relationships while also effectively feeling supported by and connected with their partner.

The goal of counseling is not to reach a “perfect” relationship, but rather your best hopes for the relationship. Imagine what the relationship would look like if it were at its’ very, very best. A relationship that is shaped by you and your partners hopes, and influenced by change you are willing to make happen. Couples counseling helps relationships move from being stuck at the light of conflict & disconnect to the destination of solutions and hopes as they are defined in the counseling process.

I have dedicated my practice and work to helping couples restore their sense of “us” as soon as they can and be able to find desire, passion, communication, togetherness, trust, and a sense of fun in their relationship again or even better than before.If you feel ready to move out of the current situation and start the journey towards a more positive, healthy relationship as soon as possible you can!

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